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Do I have to pay fee to an agent?

Answer:    No   (we get commission from the owner).

But if client is not looking to rent till a later date and the owner cannot wait, we charge a service charge. This cost will be refund to you when you rent or buy a property from us.


Why do I have to come to Chiang Mai House office.

Answer:  We Like to meet clients as we can give you more details about property we will be able understand your needs better and be able to give you a better service


Where can I pay my bills

Answer:  Most utility companies have a bill paying service at the 7- 11 counters but they should not be overdue, as the utility company  may disconnect the service and charge a fine for re-connection.

Do I need a particular visa if I would like to rent an apartment (condo) or a house here in Chiang Mai?

To rent an apartment or a house here in Chiang Mai there are no special visa requirements. But obviously you should plan you visa carefully in connection to the length of your planned stay here in Thailand and Chiang Mai


Is the rental contract in Thai or English?

The rental contract between you and Leaser of the apartment or house is normally in English but you can request for it in Thai if you wish.  Chiang Mai House provides in English and Thai also ( for Thai owner)


What is the minimum time period for rental contracts for properties in Chiang Mai?

Rental contracts for houses or apartments are generally one year, some owners accept 6 months but there are many short term (nightly, monthly, etc) contracts available, too. These will be listed as so or if you have a particular property or apartment you are interested in please don’t hesitate to ask about shorter contracts.

When renting an apartment or house in Chiang Mai are there any additional bills to pay?

When renting an apartment or a house you are normally expected to pay all the utility bills (telephone, electricity, water, etc.) in addition to your monthly rent. Unless stated otherwise in the contract.

Rental what is include in the price?

Answer:   Rental does not included any bills (water bill, electric bill, internet, UBC, cable TV, maintenance fee/ communal fee,  taking care garden. 


Do I get a telephone line when renting a property in Chiang Mai?

Generally telephones are provided with apartments and houses and again you are expected to pay all telephone bills.


Do I get internet if I rent in Chiang Mai?

Internet is widely available all around Chiang Mai but to be safe please confirm before signing any contracts if home  internet connection  is essential to you also remember internet cafes are easily available all round Chiang Mai


Do I get a cleaner for my rented apartment or house?

In serviced apartments a cleaner is usually available through reception as often as you wish for an additional cost. If renting a house you will need to find your own maid and agree on payment terms and times. A good way to find a maid is to ask friend or around the village that you are renting in.


Can I keep pets in my rented accommodation in Chiang Mai?

The rules on keeping pets varies from landlord to landlord some allow pets some do not.  Most condo/apartments do not allow it. So please lets us know if you have pets so we can check for you before signing any contracts.


Who do I pay the rent to once the rental agreement has been signed?

Once a contract has been signed all rental payments for the apartment or house go direct to the Landlord.

Do I have to pay the rent in cash or pay by cheque, or credit card?

All Landlords have different payment systems as to how to pay the rent, but the majority prefers the payments to go directly in to their bank accounts.

Some rent can be paid at Chiang Mai House’s office.


Who is responsible for the maintenance of the apartment (condo)/ house in Chiang Mai?

You will be expected to keep the house well maintained.


When can I move in-start the lease ?

You can move in as soon as contracts have been signed and monies have been paid


How Soon can I get deposit back after the contract is terminated?

Answer:  1 month after the contract is terminated.  You can get some deposit if you can show all utility bills from last 3 months have been paid and the owner secure with this. BUT if  you break the contact ( such as move out before the contract terminate or  damage the house/furniture, leave any bills ) you will not get your deposit back.


Whom do  I Sign the contract with?

Answer:   You sign contract with the landlord/Owner. We prepare contract for both parties in English and also a Thai version

Before you sign we will show you what is in the contract and explain it all to you.


Who is the person that keep’s deposit? 

Answer:  The landlord. You may have heard that some tenants do not get there deposit back.  The reason for this is that the tenant breaks the contract by damaging  the house or moves out before the contract has been terminated or maybe leaves unpaid bills

 From our experience 99%   the fault (mistake) is the tenant’s. That why they cannot get deposit back. Rarely does the owner cheat the tenant.

What is transfer fee?

Answer:  Any cost that has to be paid at the land department offices

Who will pay transfer fee when I buy condo/house and how much?

Answer: Mostly 50-50 between buyer and seller. Sometimes the seller pay’s all depend on the final price and how much the seller has discounted the price for the buyer.


How much for transfer fee when I buy Condo/Land/House.

Generally it is about 5-7 % of property’s valued price (not selling price, which is much higher than the valued price)

Many things to work it out about transfer fee:

Condo/Land and House is different rate (New or Old)

 How long the owner has owned property (more or less than 5 years)

For example Value of the property  the Land department work’s out 2.5 million transfer free is about 140,000 Baht ( the owner own more than 5 year). Pay 50-50 about 70,000 Baht/each


When you have any question please do not hesitate to let us know by 

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Thank you and we hope these F A Q’S will help you.  And wish you luck in your venture or quest

Sawadee Krap